What Modern Market Suspect Is The Cash and Carry Food

Due to the fast changing of the business trend the wholesaling of food and its product is the main business for many. There are many hindrances for Cash and Carry Food. Why? This is because of

• Seasonal changes: this is because of the transition between summer and winter to autumn.

• Poor demand and supply: – the manufacturers store the product and try to market to increase the product value, but that creates the negative impact on the buyer as shopkeepers are forced to push the product – leading to the huge loss as no one turns up.

• High demand low supply due to location: if the warehouse if located somewhere else and the shop owner has to bring products from the godown then the client flies off and the shop incurs the immense loss.

• No proper devices or machines – in availability. – this is the problem of India – old backdated machines create rotting of food items – as it is packaged the shopkeeper doesn’t understand – these lead to problems.

One must not forget the fact that most business owners often store their products in a godown or a place that isn’t near to the store leading to loss in income ., this I because of the fact that the customer returns from the place and make a smooth purchase in some other stores than the same.

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