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Meat and Seafood Market Toronto

The seafood and fresh meat section of Golden Supplies are lit. Golden Supplies have an amazing team of butchers who are well-trained to make sure they cut seafood and meat in the finest way possible. You can find meats and seafood’s in abundant in Golden Suppliers. You can order in small quantities for your home and even in large quantities for restaurants or some special upcoming occasions. Golden Suppliers also has an extensive and wide variety of organic and hormone free meat, free-range, seafood and eggs. If you are unable to find something because it is rare, you can order it and we will make it available to you.

We take great pride is our well-stocked fresh meat and seafood selection. At Golden Supplies we have a great team of well-trained butchers preparing the finest cuts of meat and seafood, large and small quantities available for all occasions. At Golden Supplies we also carry an extensive variety of free range, organic and hormone free meat, eggs and seafood.