Better Wholesaling with Cash and Carry Wholesalers

Cash and Carry wholesalers are the groups of people who supply large quantity of goods or services to the retailers and firms at a wholesale price for their personal use or for resale purpose. They are also called as distributors who operate any number of establishments. Wholesalers are divided into three groups: merchant wholesaler, brokers and manufacturers’ and retailers’ branches and offices. Merchant wholesalers are also known as jobbers or distributors. Now merchant wholesalers are further classified into two types: full-service and limited service merchant wholesalers.

Golden Supplies Cash and Carry Wholesalers

Cash and Carry wholesalers supply their goods and services at a lower price than the retailers as they distribute in a bulk basis. They sell their goods from the wholesale warehouse operated either on a self-service basis or on the basis of samples. The wholesalers buy goods from the manufacturers and sell mostly to the retailers, industries, and sub-wholesalers, along with that they provide some additional services too such as selling and promoting, bulk breaking, warehousing, transporting at their risk, providing market information and financing because of their position in the distribution process they are also called as the Middle Man. Their presence of wholesalers in the distribution channel is very important.